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 About Wesley

"There is no passion to be found in playing small - for settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."   Nelson Mendala

Wesley was born and raised in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia but he knew from a young age that he wasn't meant to lead a conventional life in the traditional sense.  He has always had the ambition to tell meaningful stories that deal with the deeper aspects of humanity.  Wesley believes in the power of stories to promote and catalyze change and his work is meant to be a voice for those who do not have one.  
After two failed attempts, Wesley was accepted into the Eddie Adams Workshop on this third try in 2018 and was awarded an internship with the L.A. Times.  When he is not traveling or photographing stories, he works as a mental health therapist, which has deepened his empathy for the human condition.  
If you are interested in any prints or general inquires, please contact me at  

Eddie Adams/L.A. Times Intership
October 2018

National Geographic Your Shot Selection 
April 2018


Eddie Adams Workshop 
Jeffersonville, New York  
October 2018

NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop
Syracuse, New York
May 2018

Missouri Photo Workshop
Cuba, Missouri  
October 2016

Contact Information

(804) 310 - 7516

Current Location - Los Angeles, California

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